Dealing with Disciplinary and Capability Issues

It is a mistake to think that performance problems, whether they be capability or disciplinary in nature, will simply go away or sort themselves out.  

Issues such as sickness absence, poor attitudes/behavior, failure to meet objectives and poor general standards of work must be dealt with appropriately and effectively as soon as they occur. 

In most instances and informal chat may be enough to solve the problem but if not then you have laid the groundwork for the formal disciplinary process to begin. 

 What to consider when planning your approach:

  • Do you want to conduct an initial informal chat or start with a more formal meeting? Is the employee entitled to be accompanied by a representative at the meeting?
  • What is an appropriate review/warning period?
  • If dismissal is a possible end result, are there any alternative work options available to the employee?
  • What acts of poor performance are serious enough to instigate a dismissal procedure?
  • If the issue involves bad attitude/behaviour ? is this a capability or conduct issue? What are the differences in approach to handling these issues?
  • What are the legal requirements of a disciplinary procedure?  Informal and formal meetings, formal and informal warnings, right to respond, opportunities to improve etc. 

On Thursday 21st June we will be holding a workshop covering the practical aspects of carrying out a capability or disciplinary procedure.  We’ll look at what the differences are between capability and disciplinary and how you can handle them with confidence and success. 

The workshop will be held at the Hennerton Golf Club from 9.30am to 12.30pm.  Please contact Sue for further details or to book your place.