Managing Capability and Conduct Issues Effectively to Avoid Dismissal

When capability and conduct issues come into play it is important to take proactive action to quickly remedy the situation whilst balancing your responsibilities in terms of employee statutory rights.  Here are some tips that can help:

  • When a performance issue arises deal with it there and then, not dealing with a problem in its infancy can lead to a major crisis if left to fester.
  • Give your employee the benefit of the doubt and work  in partnership with them to develop a suitable action plan.
  • Establish the causes of poor performance and pinpoint examples of where performance is lacking.
  • Put a road map in place that includes how you will support your employee, clear performance expectations going forward and any training, coaching programmes necessary  to rectify the situation.
  • Consider alternative employment options.  Whilst you do not have a duty to do this it is a good preventative step to avoid employment tribunal  and unfair dismissal claims.
  • Hold an informal meeting in the first instance to ensure that the employee understands why their behaviour has been deemed unsatisfactory and agree steps to ensure that the behaviour does not recur.
  • If informal warnings have not produced the desired invoke a formal disciplinary procedure including investigation of the facts and written warnings, before heading down the route of dismissal.In the event of an act of gross misconduct you have the right to dismiss the employee, following an investigation and meeting, without notice or pay in lieu of notice.