We deal with any employment issues you can think of right from the start of employment (and before) to terminating employment (for whatever reason). Along the way we can help you develop your employees and improve their performance to benefit your business.

Retaining the right team is important to your business and we can help you to develop your practices to be the employer of choice in the way you treat your employees, showing your commitment to them and their development.

Is your Staff Handbook up to date?

Every time Employment Law changes, your staff handbook will become more out of date. Changes are made to Employment Law at least twice a year so click here to find out how to bring your Handbook up to date for just £250 + VAT.

Ongoing HR Support

Options HR provide an efficient and proactive service, giving you peace of mind, expert HR knowledge, latest HR legislation and advice. Let us guide you through the minefield of employment law.

We do all this through a range of plans specifically designed for any size business. Reduce the cost of expensive and inconvenient internal human resources management by signing up to one of our affordable monthly plans today.

To find out more about Options HR, call us on 0118 940 3032 or click here to email us.

Option 1

  • Start-up & Small Businesses
  • 1-10 people
  • From £150 per month (plus VAT)

 Option 2

  • Medium Sized Businesses
  • 10-50 people
  • From £450 per month (plus VAT)

 Option 3

  • Large Businesses
  • 50+ people
  • From £850 per month (plus VAT)

Need Online HR Admin support too? Click here to find out more.

Why Outsource to Options HR?

Options HR is one of the leading independent HR consultancies in the Thames Valley. With over 20 years experience we provide HR expertise and guidance to companies of all sizes. Our service is tailored to support to your precise needs using detailed processes to gain a better understanding of the unique working practices within your company.

Using Options HR for ongoing support will save you money in the long term. Preventative HR is so much more effective than reactive HR.

 What do you get from the package?

  • Peace of mind that you’re not going to get it wrong!
  • Options HR will make sure your Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures are up to date and legally compliant.
  • Email and phone support at any time during office hours.
  • Free newsletters for the latest HR information and advice.
  • Discounted rates for ad hoc projects.

“We have relied on Sue a number of times and have been really impressed with Sue’s professionalism, experience and on times compassion when dealing with difficult situations. I would not hesitate in recommending Sue for all HR related matters as she is excellent.”

David Gordon-Smith, Senior Partner at Donald Reid & Co

To find out more about how we can help you, please call us on 0118 940 3032 or click here to email us.