Difficult People in the Workplace

We all come across difficult people in every aspect of our lives and whilst in our personal lives we can simply choose to avoid them in the workplace this is not an option. As a ‘boss’ you have to manage the good and the bad and try the best out of every employee.

Difficult people come in all shapes and sizes – they might be ignorant of others views, bad time keepers, or at the other end of the scale they might be aggressive or intimidating towards their colleagues. Whatever the individual issue, bad behavior by an employee can be damaging for your business.

Difficult behavior will not only have a negative impact on the employees own performance but also on the performance of those around them, with the knock on effects of potential grievance issues, reputation damage and financial risk. As the manager it can also have a direct effect on you personally. Not only can the behavior of a difficult employee cause you stress, failure to deal with them can leave your employees feeling that you are incapable of dealing with difficult situations and undermine your authority

So what to do?  In next week’s blog we will give you some top tips for dealing with difficult people effectively.