10 Reasons Not to Have Staff!

I know this might sound strange coming from an HR Consultant, but do you really need staff? Will they actually help your business to grow, or are they more hassle than they’re worth? This blog takes a tongue in cheek look at why you might actually be better off without them!

Reason One – If you don’t have staff, you know when something has been done, because you’ve done it. You don’t have to keep looking over someone’s shoulder, to see what they’re up to, and annoying and demotivating them in the process.

Reason Two – You don’t have to be worried about being bowled over by someone’s CV, which is possibly full of exaggerations. You don’t have to think about how many white lies they tell you, as they try to sell themselves in an interview. No staff means no need to waste time on recruitment.

Reason Three – Giving a job to a friend or a member of your family is never a good idea. If you don’t have staff, you’ll never have to upset anyone you know by not giving them the job. Just tell them that you don’t need staff and that you’d rather keep them as a great friend, or supportive member of the family. No need to fall out with them!

Reason Four – If you set up and run your own business, staff will never quite see your vision. It will be difficult to get them to see what you want from the businesses. If you don’t have staff, you can just focus on working on your vision yourself, rather than worrying about getting them to understand it.

Reason Five – No annoying processes to follow! Without staff, you don’t need to spend time putting together a Staff Handbook, or processes on everything from holidays, to maternity leave, to what they can say on social media (see Reason number Nine for more on this!)

Reason Six – You don’t have to pay anyone if you don’t have staff – you can keep all the money for yourself! After all, you earned it, so why shouldn’t you keep it all?

Reason Seven – Problems relating to harassment, bullying or stealing can’t rear their ugly heads if you don’t have staff to harass or bully each other (or you) or to steal from your business.

Reason Eight – Want to take a day off just because you feel like it? Want to turn up late for work, or not turn up all? Without staff, you can do it without having to justify your actions to them. And you don’t have to worry about them taking time off sick when really the problem is just a hangover!

Reason Nine – With no staff, you don’t need a social media policy and you don’t have to check what your staff are saying about your business on Twitter. They can’t waste company time on Facebook either, if they don’t work for you.

Reason Ten – There’s no need for an expensive Christmas party! Instead, go out for a meal with some friends, treat your spouse to a night at a nice hotel or go and see your favourite band in concert!

So have I put you off having staff, or taking on any more? If so, please don’t just sack all the staff you have now so you can enjoy the benefits of not having any. You’ll need a proper process for that!